Wedding Dance Floor Moments


Wedding Dance Floor Moments

When the speeches are done, the cake has been cut and the final course has been cleared away… it can mean only one thing. It’s time to dance.

Ah, the wedding dance floor. Possibly my favourite part of any wedding day. Why? Well, it’s because everyone lets their hair down and things go a bit mad!

I’ve picked out some of my favourites from the last year. Check them out below! If you’re a photographer who wants to find out about how I shot them, take a look at the end of the post.


The bit for photographers

All but one of these photos were taken using flash and shutter drag. Want to know how to do it? Here’s how:

  • Get a decently wide lens. I use my 24-70 at 24;
  • Change the settings to (approximately) ISO 600, f11, 1/5s or slower;
  • Pop your flash on top, pointing straight ahead, zoomed to max (ideally 200mm) and at about 1/32 power*;
  • Change the focus mode on your lens and camera body to manual;
  • Pick a point about a metre away from you (a well lit glass on a table usually works) and focus on that item;
  • Get on the dancefloor and get into the action!

The wide angle and huge depth of field from shooting at f11 with a pre-focused lens will allow you to shoot rapidly and without needing to take that much time lining things up. This means that, when I see something good happening out there, I can dive in and start shooting without worrying about focus.

*With all these settings, tweak them to your needs in the circumstance. The most important thing to remember is that shutter speed determines how much ambient light you let in.

And that’s it! Happy shooting.

Featured weddings from this post

Emily + Pete

Jaclyn + George

Alex + James

Emily + Jimmy

Emily + Nick

Jess + Nick

Naomi + Jonny (blog coming soon!)

What about you?

Planning any wedding dance floor moments of your own any time soon? I’d love to be there to capture it all! You can take a more in-depth look at my portfolio here, and find out more about my pricing over here.