An Unexpected Microwedding Shoot – Joe + Isabelle


Thank you so much for the photos they are so special! Even if was just for five minutes! And it was lovely to meet you!

Joe + Isabelle

IT’S OFFICIAL: I’m a wedding crasher.⁠

Me: ‘Hey did you just get married?’⁠
Them: ‘Yes we did!’⁠
Me: ‘Do you… not have a wedding photographer?’⁠
Them: ‘No, we don’t!’⁠
Me: ‘Well… do you want some photos anyway?!’⁠
Them: ‘OMG!’⁠

Everyone, allow me to introduce you to Joe and Isabelle: the-couple-whose-wedding-I-crashed-to-take-photographs-of-them-and-it-was-lols.⁠

So, yeah, how did this even happen?!⁠

I was sitting on a park bench in Stoke Newington when I saw them.⁠ I was having a bite to eat between between shooting two microweddings: one for Lissa & Rob, and the next for Ollie & Umit.

They were wandering along, hand in hand, with huge smiles on their faces. They were walking with a couple of friends to go take some photos and didn’t appear to have a ‘proper’ wedding photographer with them… so I went over and said hello!⁠

Five minutes later we’d bagged a five minute photoshoot, they had my card in their pockets, and I was off to shoot the next one!⁠

It’s strange times we live in, but it’s nice to have some fun along the way isn’t it?⁠

Big love,