Tipi wedding photography – Emily and Jimmy


Tipi wedding photography

Ah, have I got something amazing to show you all today! I’ve been looking forward to getting this wedding onto the blog for weeks! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a little tipi wedding photography and when Emily and Jimmy told me about their plans earlier this year, I was thrilled to be there to cover their big day.

Speaking of Emily and Jimmy…

Emily and Jimmy first met nine years ago at university when they stayed in the same halls. His room was – believe it or not – directly underneath hers. If she’d had a balcony, it would basically have been a scene straight out of Romeo and Juliet! They’ve been together ever since as they’ve both lived and worked and lived in London with plenty of travel in between.

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It was on one of those travels abroad that Jimmy proposed to Emily… After a long and tiring but incredibly beautiful hike in Yosemite park, they reached the summit of a mountain with no signal or contact with the rest of the world. Before she knew what was happening, he was down on one knee, popping the question! Naturally, she said yes. This summer, they tied the knot in the beautiful surrounds of Coverwood Lakes in Surrey.

Woodland, lakes, tipis and good times

Oh boy, was this a corker of a wedding! The venue was stunning and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Set in a beautiful woodland and working farm setting, Coverwood Lakes provided a beautiful setting for the wedding and the tipi reception afterwards. Set by a lake and surrounded by trees, the ceremony area was like something out of a movie! The humanist celebrant, Philip Scott, delivered a ceremony – along with Emily and Jimmy’s vows – that was so moving and touching I still think about it now. Garden games, guitarists and plenty of confetti followed afterwards before everyone made their way to the reception.

The reception itself was stunning and provided by the Fantastic Beautiful World Tents with incredible catering by Jar Catering. After some pretty emotional speeches and some amazing photos of Jimmy through the years provided by the best man, and after a stunning dinner, the party really got underway. The band, Off Blue, got everyone dancing like mad as the sun set in the surrounding hills.

After a short stint of downhill space hopper racing – yes, of course! – and an ‘ora loco’, silent disco headphones were cracked out. Because they had two channels, there were two playlists. Were they competing? You bet they were. One for the bride, one for the groom. It was hard to tell if one came out on top!

Good vibes

What really made the day was the sheer amount of love between these two, and the love from all their friends and family. This day had good vibes, full stop. When the party was packing up and I was clambering into my car at some point in the wee small hours, I found my cheeks were hurting so much smiling.

So before the photos, one final congratulations to Emily and Jimmy on their marriage. Here’s to you, guys!

What about you?

Will you be celebrating in a tipi any time soon? I’d love to hear from you!

PS: links to suppliers at the end of the post 🙂


Venue: Coverwood Lakes

Tipi: Beautiful World Tents

Celebrant: Philip Scott

Flowers: Ladybird Flowers

Emily’s Dress: Zavana Bridal

Jimmy’s suit: Moss Bros/Ted Baker

Hair: Kirsty Buddon

Makeup: Birute Thomas

Reception entertainment: The Living Rogues

Evening entertainment: Off Blue

Catering: Ginger Jar Catering