Stone Barn Wedding Photographer – Jenni + Piers


Stone Barn Wedding Photographer

My favourite part of Jenni and Piers’ wedding day was midnight, when the power went out.

The band had just started their second set and the dance floor was packed with their closest friends and family. You know the feeling – you’re more than a few drinks down, you’ve got a really good buzz going, you’ve been beaming from ear to ear so much it’s almost painful and you notice, at some point, everyone lost their ties. That mate of yours that goes hard then falls asleep? They’re having a snooze over there, but everyone else left standing is on their feet and all around you. It feels good. Really good.

But you didn’t notice the rain. Ah… the rain. If it had been light outside you would have seen it: torrents of the stuff. Heaviest downpour of the summer. Sloshing gutters and rivulets down each window. Nobody’s been sneaking out for a cigarette for quite a while now. That’ll be why.

I’ve no idea how it happened. Maybe it was a fuse, maybe it was rain on a wire. Doesn’t really matter – at midnight: BANG. Darkness. No sound. No light. No music. Look up. Look to your left. Look to your right. Er. What now?

The short answer? We carry on. While the venue team goes to find a fix, one of the band picks up an acoustic guitar. The other band member pulls out a mobile speaker that needs batteries. I’ve got batteries in my bag – in they go. And the party? Arm in arm. Swaying in a circle. Singing louder than ever before. Accompanied by a single guitar.

Ten minutes later, the speaker fires up. Ten minutes after that, the power comes on again. All things pass, it turns out, given enough time. If there’s anything I’ve realised recently, it’s this: it’s up to us what we do with that time, and it’s up to us to make it count.

You know what I say? I say we keep singing.

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Venue: Stone Barn Cotswolds

Jenni’s dress: Sassi Holford

Groom and groomsen’s suits: Graham Brown Bespoke Tailoring

Band: Truly Medley Deeply

Flowers: Go Wild Flowers⁠

Reception music: Maimuna Memon⁠