Ravens Ait Wedding Photography – Sheby + Jon


Ravens Ait Wedding Photography

I know I say this often, but Sheby and Jon’s wedding was unlike any other I’ve ever shot. Boat to the ceremony? Check. Famous band playing? Check. Skate ramp at the reception? Check. There was also a dog there, which always kills me. I could go on.

What’s even better is how these two met. Jon was DJing a local club night in Kingston when someone came up to the booth. That someone was Sheby. It was their shared love of music is that brought them together, and it’s how they celebrated the day itself.

The Mystery Jets & a DJ Set from Sheby herself

When I met Sheby and Jon to talk about their Ravens Ait wedding, they told me something that I couldn’t quite believe. We’d just been talking about music and record stores and… then they dropped the fact that The Mystery Jets would be playing. My jaw hit the floor. I’ve been a Mystery Jets fan for quite some time so, yeah, I had to work pretty hard to not totally lose it in front of them. Here’s why: Jon Tolley helped them sell their first ever records. Reason being is he runs Banquet in Kingston, and so knows his fair share of musicians.

That’s why it wasn’t just the Jets, but also Tom Speight and a whole host of all of the resident DJs that regularly play the club nights put on by Banquet. Best of all was a set from Sheby, of course. Finishing off the evening on the #shebytolleyloveisland, these two headed down to their own private launch before sailing off into the night. Absolute banger of a wedding. Big thanks to them both for having me there!

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Second photographer: Caitlin Mogridge

Music: The Mystery Jets⁠ & Tom Speight

Art/graffiti: @jeremyjonesjeremyjones⁠

Venue: Ravens Ait Island

PA: Banquet Records

Bridal Boat to venue: Turks

Photobooth: Oh Snap UK

Lights: Knight Sound

Henna: Bodhi Henna

Flowers: Petal HQ and Kate Bellamy

Hair: Amy Simms

Lanterns: Hanging Lantern Company

Custom necklace: Natalie Marie Jewellery

Evening Pizza: Ugly Pizza Co

Wedding cake: Baked By Steph

Biodegradable confetti: Proper Confetti