Paddington engagement photography – Dave and Nikki

Paddington engagement photography

Sometimes, I have to remind myself just how lucky I am. I’m lucky because I get to do a job I love, I’m lucky because I get to hang out with and meet awesome new people and I’m especially lucky because, every so often, I get to work with people I’ve known for years and years and years and it. Is. Awesome.

When I rocked up at University way back in 2007 (uhoh – am I old now?) as a super awkward nerd* who didn’t know anyone, one of the first people I met was Dave. We were very quickly friends, drinking plenty of cheap beer and playing endless rounds of Halo on his Xbox. At the time, he mentioned that he had a girlfriend of several years, Nikki.

When she visited and I hung out with the two of them together, I knew these guys had an amazing bond together that would last and last. Well, I was right! They’ll be getting married later this year in November, but when they came down to London this month it was a great chance to go for a pre-wedding shoot (and a few beers too!!)

Dave and Nikki will be celebrating their wedding across two days this November in Manchester; a small family celebration on the first day then a huuuuge party with all their friends the next day. It’s going to be one to remember!


*I’m definitely still a nerd, though.

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