London Pub Wedding Photography – Laura + Eldon


London Pub Wedding Photography

Consider the humble London pub. Pints, peanuts and, if you’re lucky, a quiz machine. It’s the universal leveller: we go there to celebrate, to commiserate, to catch up, to relax, to maybe even figure things out. But the best reason to nip down the pub? You guessed right. A wedding.

Specifically, the wedding of Laura and Eldon which was nothing if not a whole day of fun. The reason I like a good pub wedding is simple – it’s relaxed, it’s chilled out and, er, it’s in a pub. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

These two started their day getting ready together at an AirBnB down the road with their friends and family, followed by their ceremony at Southwark Register Office. After packing the place to the rafters and saying I do, well piled into taxis and headed over to The Great Exhibition Pub. And what happened there? Well, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

A big thank you and congratulations once again to Laura and Eldon!