London proposal photography – Greg & Chelsea


London proposal photography

The email came into my inbox at about 2am. When I woke up later that morning, checking my email over a cup of coffee, it stood out like a sore thumb. The title read ‘London proposal photography’ and I immediately opened it up to see what was inside…

Planning the shoot

I was in contact with Greg, visiting from Chicago with his girlfriend Chelsea, and he was going to propose to her the VERY NEXT DAY. After firing a few ideas back and forth together, we eventually landed on a spot that would work really well for the occasion. About five hours before the shoot itself, I made my way there to completely check the spot out. After sending a few videos and images outlining the best plan, I waited… (and did emails on my laptop in the sunshine. Nice!) When they arrived round the corner, I pretended to be reading something really interesting on my phone. When I saw that he was about to drop onto one knee, I hopped into position with the camera and lined up to take the shot…

So did she say yes?!

She absolutely did! And when Greg pointed over to where I was we all had to laugh! After a few minutes to let the nerves settle a bit (mine included!!) we then did a quick shoot in the park. Check out the images below.

How about you?

Are you thinking of popping the question? Need an ally to plan some stunning surprise London proposal photography with? Simply drop me an email, head on over to my contact page, or give me a call/whatsapp on 07731452721. Let’s make it happen!