London Hindu and Civil Wedding Photographer – Priya and Alex


‘OMG😍😍😍 CANT STOP LOOKING AT THESE PICS! So glad we picked you to capture the day, you did it so perfectly whilst making us feel completely at ease. Hands down the best two days of our life!!!’

London Hindu and Civil Wedding Photographer

Picture the scene. It’s midnight on a Friday on the North circular and I’m driving home from Priya and Alex’s Hindu wedding with the windows down. Everything I’m wearing is damp from the rain, I’m probably the sweatiest I’ve ever been, and anyone who stops near me at the lights can hear my intensely nerdy SciFi audiobook that I’m blasting at full volume (because, well, that’s what I do to wind down when I’m driving home from a wedding). And you know what? Despite the sweaty aches and pains, I’ve got the biggest grin on my face, I’m buzzing and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Why? Because that was only DAY ONE – I was going to get to do it all over again on DAY TWO!⁠

That was awesome. Wanna do it again?

These two are like an unstoppable force. When we met for the first time about a year and a year ago, everything they said told me they were truly unique. They first met when Alex started as an intern in Priya’s team; they sat next to one another one day, instantly hit it off… and that was that! From first date to proposal, they’d done things their way. Alex even asked her sister, her best friend and his own sister for help in finding just the right engagement ring. When it came to planning their wedding, they were all about mixing tradition and modernity: day one would be a Hindu ceremony full to bursting with drumming, dancing and vivid colour; day two would be a stylish civil ceremony near their home, followed by a relaxed reception and BBQ in a Chiswick Pub. Basically, all signs pointed to this being an all-out, one-of-a-kind, 100% banger. And reader, it was!⁠

Onto the rest

Although I had such a blast shooting their wedding, editing their photos was amazing too! (Hard to see them leave the editing pile though!) So here they are, in no particular order, a few photos from two of the most amazing days with this absolute treat of a couple. Priya and Alex – thank you for having me there as your photographer. It’s been incredible!⁠

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Day 1



Mandap decoration/flowers:

Entertainment (DJ and PhotoBooth):

Dhol players:



Priya’s dress:



Day 2

Registry: (Hammersmith and Fulham Registry Office)






Priya’s Dress:

Bridesmaids Dresses:

Alex’s Suit: