How to Choose a Destination Wedding Photographer


Planning any wedding is an enormous task, but planning a destination wedding creates a whole other set of challenges. There are crazy logistics to contend with and you’ll have guests flying in from all over. It’s no small feat!

Selecting a wedding photographer can feel like a minefield at the best of times, but when you throw in a potential language barrier or the need to cross oceans, things can start to feel quite overwhelming.

With this in mind, I’m here to tell you how to choose a destination wedding photographer that’s right for you.

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Pros and Cons

When you decide to get married overseas, you have two options. You can book a photographer who’s local to your venue or go with someone who’s local to you. The right choice will depend on a number of things.

If your wedding is taking place in a non-English speaking country, hiring a photographer who’s based nearby and fluent in the local language might make life a little easier. They’ll probably have a good knowledge of the area and may well have photographed a wedding at your venue before.

However, communicating could be tricky if their English is limited. There’s also the exchange rate to consider.

A good destination wedding photographer will be used to rocking up at a venue for the first time and creating great images regardless. They’ll also be confident travelling and working in a wide variety of locations. They’ll probably speak your language, and if you find yourself drawn to this option, chances are you already love their photography too.

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What About Cost?

Booking a destination wedding photographer can involve a few additional costs. In most cases, you’ll need to cover return flights, airport transfers/car hire, accommodation and sometimes other expenses like food and drink.

Some photographers will offer an all-inclusive package and others might be willing to negotiate if your wedding is taking place somewhere particularly exotic or at a location they’d like to visit.

Style, Passion and Experience

Once you’ve weighed up all the pros and cons and got your head around the budget, the most important thing to consider is the photography itself.

Wherever a supplier is based, you need to love what they do and connect with their work. You also need to be confident in their abilities and feel relaxed in their company. These things are key to getting great images, so it’s important to explore a photographer’s portfolio and ask lots questions before you book.

For me, there’s nothing quite like a destination wedding. Whether it’s a secluded château nestled among vineyards in France, or a Tuscan villa beneath the blazing Italian sunshine, there’s a certain magic to shooting in such far-flung locations.

To date, I’ve been lucky enough to capture weddings in Italy, France and Germany, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’m always looking for an excuse to dig out my passport and pack a bag, so if you’re planning a destination wedding, please do get in touch.

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That’s How to Choose a Destination Wedding Photographer!

So there we have it. That’s how to choose a destination wedding photographer without breaking a sweat! It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll encounter while planning your wedding, so I hope you’ve found it useful.

If you’ve got any questions at all, just drop me a comment below. Thanks so much for stopping by!