Dan and Sarah’s Oldham wedding

‘We couldn’t be happier with the wedding photos. Both the group shots and our portraits are amazing… especially love how Will captures the natural happiness and excitement in everyone on the day.’

I met Sarah and Dan just under a year ago while the dancing was still underway at Charlie and Sarah’s Devon wedding. It was about 11pm and the party was still going strong as the three of us started talking about their wedding plans. I could tell then that they were super excited and I had a hunch this was going to be a really brilliant day! (And when I saw them again, including on their engagement shoot, I knew I was right.)

Arriving for the rehearsal the day before, I had the chance to meet all their friends and family and take a look around the fantastic Oldham parish church where they would be saying their vows 24 hours later. When I returned the next day, the scene was set for a beautiful and timeless ceremony.

Once everyone had thrown a lot of confetti and once we’d done the biggest group photo ever (see below!) we all moved on to The White Hart Inn at Lydgate for their reception. Although the clouds had threatened to rain all day long, we actually got some sun! Especially handy for when we headed out to take some portraits.

After a fantastic dinner, some very funny speeches, plenty of cake and a brilliant first dance, the party really kicked into gear. There was plenty of dancing, table tennis, beer pong and did I mention dancing? Needless to say, it was a lot of fun. It was great, too, to see some faces from the wedding last year (always nice to catch up with people!)

Wishing Sarah and Dan all the best! Here’s a selection of photos from the day 🙂


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