Crystal Palace Engagement Shoot – Felicity + Chris


Crystal Palace Engagement Shoot

I love a good engagement shoot because it’s the perfect excuse to just get out and go shoot without any other agenda. I seriously love shooting weddings, but there’s just something unique about engagement shoots. Unlike a wedding day, there’s no timeline. Nothing to go do next. Nothing else to worry about apart from exactly what you’re doing right now. In this case, spending some time in Crystal Palace park with Felicity and Chris – who are just the best, I’ll say that right up front!!!

Natives to Crystal Palace, these two chose to stick close to home for their shoot. We had good old wander around the park, grabbed some coffee, saw the dinosaurs (yep) and then found our way to the top of the hill round the corner for an amazing view of London. Too much fun and such a good day out towards the middle of winter at the end of last year. Can’t wait to be there for these guys when they get married. In the meantime, hope you love these photos! Drop me a message if you’d like to go do the same sometime.

Big love,