Castelo Di Oliveto Wedding Photographer – Veronika + Saverio


‘Will! We are amazed at these pictures! You really managed to capture all the love, energy, happiness of the wedding, thank you SO MUCH!!!!! You are amazinggggggg!!!!’

Castelo Di Oliveto Wedding Photographer

Now, I love an Italian wedding. In fact, the last blog I posted was also in Tuscany and took place just a week before this one! In between, I’d spent a week in Florence taking in the sights. I even bumped into these two who were having their Hen and Stag nights there! (I was eating a gelato at the time – it wasn’t a good look.)

When the day itself came, it was a pleasure from beginning to end. The thing about Italy is that you spend, sometimes a lot of time moving from hilltop to hilltop. This day was no exception! Veronika and Saverio got ready together (but in different rooms) at Villa Il Pozzo. A short drive took us to to Certaldo Alto for their ceremony. Then, this time, they got in their car together – a beautiful, race-car red Alfa Romeo, which Saverio whisked them away in to Castelo Di Oliveto.

From One Hilltop To Another

As we arrived at the Castelo, the sun was setting through the trees and lighting up the flank of the castle walls. After a few minutes of photos, we headed inside to find the courtyard bustling with music and their guests, and dinner not long behind. Perhaps my favourite part of the evening was the assembly, right in front of us all, of their wedding cake. I’ve never taken more photos of icing sugar being dusted in my life. I loved every second.

Before too long the courtyard transformed into an open-air dance floor, and the party carried on until the small hours of the morning.

Thanks once again to the wonderful Veronika and Saverio for having me there on their amazing wedding day.




Planning: Wedding Italy⁠ Catering: Guidi Lenci⁠ Reception Venue: Castelo Di Oliveto Acommodation and Getting Ready: Villa Il Pozzo