Brockwell Park Engagement Shoot – Naomi and Jonny


Brockwell park engagement shoot

As the nights draw in and clocks go back, it’s easy to forget how sunny it was only a few short months ago. I’m writing this at about 7am on a cold dark morning, after all! However, I do happen to have a hard drive full of photos from the summer! One of the many perks of the job, you see 🙂 One of those shoots from this summer was Naomi and Jonny’s Brockwell Park engagement shoot. And what a shoot it was! Nothing quite like sunshine and a walk in the park to lift the spirits on the weekend.

These guys are both close friends of Alice and Rob, and I heard from them not long after that wedding to see if I was available to cover theirs! They’ll be getting married this December in Surrey. I do love a winter wedding and I can’t wait to be there for them both.

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