About Will

Photography origins

I’ve been taking photos in one way, shape or form since I was fifteen years old. Back then it was all film, light meters, ‘winding on’ and trips to Boots to get it all developed. Life got in the way of it all when I went to university and, later, started a new career in London. Although I learnt a lot in the work I did in the city, I realised pretty quickly it wasn’t for me. After months of 7am Monday morning flights and trains, collecting hotel loyalty points and trying to figure out how to use hotel trouser presses, I resolved to figure out a way to do something of my own making.

Little did I know that it would all change sooner than I’d have thought.

For a long time, photography was just a simple passion of mine on evenings and weekends. I’d take my camera with me wherever I went, including on holiday. It was on one holiday in Myanmar with some friends of mine that changed it all. Shortly after I returned home, those same friends got engaged and – having seen those same photos – asked if I’d like to photograph their wedding.

How could I refuse? What then followed was a sequence of events that led to me learning how to shoot weddings, setting up a business and leaving my day job behind. I’ve never looked back (apart from to ask ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?!’)

Since then, I’ve loved every second of what I do. I get to meet amazing new people, travel to beautiful places, take lots and lots of photos and generally have a great time.

Stuff I’m into


Around the time I was picking up cameras for the first time, I was listening to John Peel every night and reading the NME (when it used to be worth reading). At the end of 2018, Spotify told me I listened to about 41 days’ worth of music and it’s hardly surprising.

Here’s a bunch of my favourite music that I spent all that time listening to in 2018:


Or rather, I’m just a bit of a bookworm. I studied English at university and get my fix these days by reading in every spare moment – my Kindle comes with me wherever I go. I’m also in a book club, which is delightful.

Keeping fit

I’m a strong believer that keeping fit makes you a better photographer, which is why I try to go and pick heavy stuff up once in a while. It helps when you’re carrying cameras around all day.

Not keeping fit

I eat way too much rubbish, though. Which is unfortunate.

My other photography work

I don’t just do weddings! Check out my personal site over here.

Above: me with my ‘first camera’, and the soviet model I learnt on as a teenager.

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