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Going along with the crowd is kinda boring, isn't it? Sure, it might be easy, but the easy road becomes hard with time and the hard road becomes easy. Before I quit my corporate career, this was me - doing what I thought I ought to do. It didn't work out. So where others zigged, I zagged. Where some would have turned right, I turned left. For me, the same is true of wedding photography.

So what does it take to break ranks with the crowd? As a London wedding photographer, I think about this all the time; about how to create, about how to bring disparate ideas and inspiration together to break new ground and create something truly exciting. That's when the real magic happens.

That's why I believe that if there's a chance to create something new and ambitious and fresh and have an incredibly fun time doing it, I say take the leap.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? if you’re reading this, chances are we’re on the same page.

Photography is an enormously important part of my life and has been ever since I could hold a camera. It's my passion to create intoxicating imagery, weave captivating stories, and to help create the visual legacy of all of my couples.

My biggest influences are architecture, modern art, cinema, fashion and design. I'm always studying the science of light and psychology of colour, and am always looking around the corner for the next thing that will shift my perception.

my style


About will - london wedding photographer

I live in North London in a sunny flat full of plants / I like to keep fit (so I can eat more pizza) / I grew up in the Cotswolds / I’m left-handed for writing and putting my watch on, right-handed for most everything else / I once appeared on TV in China / I used to run a students' union / I’ve met a Beatle / I was born in the 80’s / I used to have a couple of really corporate jobs that I dropped to do what I love (this!)

stuff i love

Coffee / Mark Rothko / Tate Modern / The Barbican (yep... there's a brutalist theme!) / Star Trek / Board games / Haruki Murakami / Studio Ghibli films / The Lord of the Rings movies / Music* / Podcasts (mostly Gimlet and NPR - ask me for my favourites) / Dogs (sorry, cats) / Bookshops / Roast dinners / My Mum’s chilli con carne / Cooking for friends

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