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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Wedding Album

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Wedding Album

Let’s start off by addressing the elephant in the room: wedding albums are expensive. There, I said it. You will have already spent untold amounts on every aspect of the day of your wedding itself, so how can another expense like this be justified after the wedding? Are there any good reasons why you should get a wedding album, given all of this? It’s a tricky one to answer.

But, here’s the heart of the matter: wedding albums are meant to be around for decades, not years.

A high quality wedding album printed now is actually more likely to last centuries, even, so long as it is looked after. Considering that many of us will spend a comparable amount of money on a phone or a computer, we know that it will only last a handful of years before being replaced. Albums, though, carry on long after those things are distant memories.

wedding albums

But why is it that they cost so much? It’s because they’re handmade, they’re crafted with incredibly high quality materials and, most of all, because they’re one of a kind. If you walked into a good bookstore this weekend and picked up a large photo book of a similar size to a wedding album, you’d be looking to pay anywhere between £50 to £100. I should know, I own a few. But these are printed in large quantities – into the thousands. There are economies of scale. With a wedding album, there is no scale. There is only one. A one-off, just for you.

And that’s priceless.

With all of this in mind, here are my top 5 reasons why you should get a wedding album.

1. They’ll stand the test of time

Cassette tapes, CDs, USB sticks, floppy discs… over time they get lost, go out of fashion and fall out of favour. Even certain file formats fade from use. Keeping your photos on a medium like this will definitely work for a year or two, but after that it becomes uncertain. I provide all wedding photos in an online gallery where you can review and download your photos. It’s online for a year, but after that it’s up to you. I also send through a USB stick, but I can’t guarantee you won’t misplace it or find that computers just don’t use USB in the future.

reasons why you should get a wedding album

If that’s so, why not get all the photos printed and stored in boxes, or in self-made albums? Without wanting to bore you about things like colour calibration, ink types and whether or not paper is of archival quality, I basically wouldn’t recommend this route. Take a look at some old photo prints you have, or maybe that your parents have. Are the prints as crisp and rich as the day they were printed? It’s unlikely.

If, ten or twenty years from now, you want to be able to open your wedding album and see the colours as rich and vivid as the day of the wedding itself, then you should definitely look into getting a wedding album professionally printed.

2. There’s nothing quite like seeing your photos in print

Hands up if you own a Kindle, but still buy paper books… I know I do. I also know plenty of people who love to make Spotify playlists but also buy the occasional vinyl album now and again. Being able to look at a real, physical, analogue version of something has huge cultural capital. There’s a certain feel to it that you just don’t get when looking at something on a laptop screen.

There’s something truly amazing about seeing your photos in print. Just look at the surge in popularity of the Fuji Instax – everybody loves a polaroid, even if we have phones on our very expensive cameras! Books have been around since about 200AD (depending on how you count it), and they’ve never gone out of fashion.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Wedding Album

3. It’s an amazing shared experience with each other, and with family and friends

Did you ever have to sit through slideshows as a kid, bored to tears? I know I did. But if someone handed me a fresh batch of prints developed at Boots, I used to love riffling through them. The same will be true when friends come over, when family come to visit, or when you sit down and show your own children.

Perhaps even your grandchildren, many more years down the line.

The act of leafing through a book together, pointing out what you all looked like when you were younger. Remembering what everyone was doing then and thinking about where they must be now. It’s a powerful thing.

Not only this, but you’ll actually look at your photos more often than if they remain on a computer. With a physical object within reach on a shelf or a coffee table, it’s so much easier to pick it up and relive those memories.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Wedding Album


4. They’ll be designed and laid-out professionally and stylishly, then printed at high quality

If you’re interested in high quality design and being able to show off your photos, then you should get a wedding album. With designing your own album, the process will likely be time-consuming, difficult and give you poor results to boot. Your wedding photographer will do this process regularly with specialised software, and will have a well-chosen, high quality supplier to boot.

Here’s a brief outline of how I do it:

  • I ask that you select your top 40 images from the day, around which I create an album of about 80 or so images. It’s a curated, edited story – not an overstuffed compendium.
  • I then use professional design software and a colour-calibrated screen to lay out and design your album. This is then emailed directly to you to proof online and leave comments.
  • My supplier is based in the UK and has multiple quality control processes and makes all albums by hand, and ships only with the best courier to ensure safety in transit.

wedding albums

5. They make wonderful gifts for others

Some family members (i.e. parents!) love mooning over wedding photos, and what better way to get them a gift at Christmas or to thank them for helping with the wedding, than with an album? Not every album has to be a coffee table book, though. Smaller album options are available and are the perfect option. This is why I offer 6×6″ duplicates of larger albums.

Any questions? Drop a comment below!

So there we have it, my top 5 reasons for why you should get a wedding album. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with any of the points above? Think I’ve missed something? Drop a comment below and let me know – I always try to respond as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the wedding albums that I offer, head on over to my Fine Art Wedding Albums page.



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